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Wow, I really enjoyed this game! It's simple, but the text kept me engaged and the music worked really well. I felt real disappointment when the well was empty, and relief when it rained!


Thanks for the comment! Glad you liked It :D

A nice little game, the atmosphere is sad, but it's well made. The graphics I think fit this kind of small game. The character walks slowly, but then again I probably wouldn't run when that thirsty either. The ending was a bit ambiguous, I wonder if the guy made it out alive and I hope he had a rain water tank ready somewhere.

I'd like to invite this game to take part in our game-making contest!

Thanks for the comment. That ambigous ending is actually on porpuse, I leave the players to interpret however they want. I didn't want to make a game with a directed and closed meaning, but really open to the player subjectivity instead.

Imagination can sometimes be a good tool too.